Does USA advance to the quarter finals? WE MADE IT VERY EASY FOR YOU!

Results from today In case you weren’t aware of it, the USA Rugby 7s Men’s team had their first EVER Olympic game today! (They also had their second). The fans were going wild! The internet was filled with post after post and people that never heard of Rugby 7s were introduced to the game! It is certainly an exciting time for USA […]

Want to Play Rugby 7s? Here is everything you need to know!

Rugby Fever So you’ve been watching the Olympics huh? Like what you see? Pretty awesome huh? We agree! Rugby, specifically Rugby 7s is something we fell in Love with too. Its fast paced action is not like any other sport. Anyhow, we get it, YOU JUST WANT TO PLAY. WELL, CLICK HERE!   

6 Olympic Rugby Women’s Teams Have Locked Up Quarter Final Guarantees After The First Day, But USA Is Not One Of Them. How Do They Get In?

In case you weren’t aware of it, Rugby 7s made its first ever showing in the Olympics yesterday. Both Men’s and Women’s USA teams qualified for the tournament, but as a gentleman would say, its “Ladies First”. The USA Women took the field and matched up against Fiji to start the day.  Fiji won 12-7. The USA Women then took the […]

Why The Club 7s National Championship’s Could Be Bigger Than The Olympics

The 2016 Olympics start tomorrow, and its newest sport entry of Rugby 7s, is ready to shock the world! Rugby Sevens!? Yes, Rugby 7s! A sport filled with action packed scoring, jaw dropping tackles and speed that will make a cheetah turn its head. (okay maybe not that fast, but FAST!) I mean shoot, ask Carlin Isles, the fastest man […]

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