What is Collegiate Rugby 7s?

For starters, Collegiate Rugby 7s is only played by College Rugby Athletes across the USA.

There are various different types of Collegiate Rugby 7s but here are the Top 2 Championships that teams compete for:

1. Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRC)

Although they have only been around since 2010, the CRC is the mecca of Collegiate Rugby 7s, accompanied by the best College Rugby teams in the country. Until further notice, the CRC will be played every year in Philadelphia, PA broadcasted live by NBC. 

HOW TO QUALIFY- CRC is predominately a by invitation only tournament. However, there were two qualifiers in 2017 held at the LVI and Heart of America Classic.  


2. USA Rugby Sevens Collegiate National Championships

So there is two “College National Championships”? Correct. The USA Championships started in 2011 with the same idea in mind as CRC, “to start building for the Olympics” and to crown a Collegiate 7s Champion. It is clear, that both tournaments have the top Rugby 7s athletes in the country. 

HOW TO QUALIFY- The USA Championships have a fall Rugby 7s season where tournament winners receive an automatic bid to the National Championships. In addition, there are a few other tournaments where teams qualify. The rest of the teams are picked based upon their performance throughout the regular season.