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Typical tourism articles say “WOW! What an amazing place to come to bla bla bla, you should come here”, but I refuse to talk about my experience in an uplifting way if it is not worthy of it. Thankfully, BARBADOS, is a destination I HAVE NO PROBLEM GIVING KUDOS TO.

The water, the beach, the food, the atmosphere, the laid-back- I’m chillen type vibe gives off all types of good feels. Barbados is truly amazing and I have no problem stating that. “BE FREE IN BARBADOS” is a phrase we’ve came up with to describe it, and it fits perfectly. You can see our “BE FREE in Barbados” Rugby Barbados World 7s Highlight reel here:

We live in a very big world. There are tons of destinations worthy of coming to and so I’ll never say BARBADOS is the only one, but it sure does have a spot at the top of my list. Did I mention the water yet? Aaaaaammmmaaazzzziinnngg. If you’re looking for the perfect picture, this is a place to get it. There are no need for picture filters in BARBADOS. The island is magnificent.

That said, there are plenty of attractions/venues that are great on their own, regardless of the weather…….


In our first stop, we took a ride around BUSHY PARK RACING CIRCUIT and had the track to ourselves.

Whether you’re interested in Pro racing with the top cars on the track, Amateur or even a young child in a go kart, just trying to experience the wind in their face, BUSHY PARK has it covered.

The first ever race was in 1970 when the track was still just a piece of land with not much going on. Since then, the track has a great looking facility with outside country scenery, plenty of room for fans in the stands or on the hills, “VIP” type areas, highly functioning garages and much more.


Cricket is arguably the most popular sport in BARBADOS so if you’re cricket fan, this is much more than an exotic island to you. It’s been around since the 1800’s.

Considering Cricket is so big in Barbados, it was a great opportunity for us to view the Cricket Hall of Fame, Cricket Legends of Barbados.  It was truly amazing to see the achievements and history behind cricket in BARBADOS and the West Indies (West Indies is a region that is made up of countries from the Caribbean.  After the tour, if there is any name that comes to mind, it’s Gary Sobers.  To the natives in Barbados, he is the best Cricket player to ever play the game.

Cricket Legend, Gary Sobers

KENSINGTON OVAL Fontabelle, St. Michael

After being inspired by the Hall of Fame, we continued our journey at Kensington Oval. Kensington Oval is the home of the Professional Barbados Cricket team.  However, there has been many different sporting events played on the pitch.  It is possible that the 2018 Barbados Rugby World 7s will be played on it.  It was a privilege to go on a tour of the stadium.

Kensington Oval is a beautiful indoor/outdoor facility. There are plenty of great seats to view some incredible cricket matches and fun outdoor activities to get your party on while the matches are in play.

PADDLE BARBADOS SUP LESSONS AND TOURS Barbados Cruising Club, Aquatic Gap, Bridgetown, St. Michael

I’ve never went paddle boarding before so it was exciting to try something new. At first it was challenging but my incredible instructor, Tremaine over at Paddle Barbados directed me step by step to increase my experience.

If you are into extreme sports, but want to make sure you don’t get hurt, paddle boarding is perfect. Although I fell plenty of times, I fell into beautiful clear beach water. By the end of my session, I was moving around just fine.

I definitely recommend paddle boarding on your next trip.  Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a lot of fun!

BARBADOS NATIONAL TENNIS CENTRE Olypmic Centre, Gary Sobers Sports Complex, Wildey, St. Michael

Our trip to the Tennis centre was not so much of an attraction but it painted a great picture of how active kids are in BARBADOS.

We live in a world (at least in the USA) where every kid has a cell phone and outdoor activity is becoming more and more foreign. Over in BARBADOS, it’s not like that….

Nearly every day, kids in BARBADOS, are outside approximately 3-5 hours and cell phones are not as common. Kids playing outside is very common in BARBADOS, but for us, we experienced it first hand at the tennis centre.

We were blessed with a tour by Kandia who is one of the tennis instructors.  The facility is great! We saw kids everywhere, playing for fun, training and competition. Some of the kids were really good!

If you are visiting BARBADOS, this could be a place to play.

ASTRO TURF (Barbados Hockey Federation) Olypmic Centre, Gary Sobers Sports Complex, Wildey, St. Michael

Our trip to the hockey field was brief, but it was neat to see what’s in the works.

The field was in great condition, despite the construction that was going on. They were putting in brand new lights, fences and rebuilding the “dugouts”.

The finished product is going to be amazing for the Field Hockey community in Barbados.

DIPPERS BEACH BAR Barbados Cruising Club, Aquatic Gap, Bridgetown, St. Michael

Ah, my favorite part of the tour….(because I love food but who doesn’t?)

We went to DIPPERS BEACH BAR which is in the Barbados Cruising Club. Like most places in BARBADOS, it was very very relaxed.

You either order your food at the bar and wait for them to bring it to you, or order from a server. We decided to head up to the bar and place our order.

Like most BARBADOS food, it was great. There isn’t many places in the world that cooks fish like BARBADOS does.

I had a fish sandwich. It was packed with tasty fresh fish, lettuce and a special sauce. On the side, I had some sweet potato fries, and my goodness did they give me a lot of them. Because I wasn’t sure of the portions though, I order Chicken nuggets with it as well. Chicken nuggets? Really? Yeah, I had plenty of fish throughout the trip so I wanted a small side of something else to fill me up. The nuggets were amazing though. They were not any type of nuggets you’ve ever had and the sweet-spicy sauce that came with them was icing on the cake.

Other than the food, the view is unbeatable!



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