What is High School Rugby 7s?

For starters, High School Rugby 7s are played only by High School Athletes across the USA.

1. High School Rugby Championship

As we spoke in the Collegiate Rugby 7s section, we stated the Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRC) that is played in Philadelphia, PA, live on NBC every year, is the highest “College Rugby 7s Championship”. Well, at this same tournament, they have a High School Rugby Championship going on.


There are 5 High School 7s Rugby Regions where qualifying teams enter their designated region to determine who are the Regional Rugby 7s Champions. These are the following Regions:

-South Regional Cup
-West Regional Cup
-Northeast Regional Cup
-Midwest Regional Cup
-Northwest Regional Cup


Although the above tournaments have a deeper meaning to them, there are High School Rugby 7s tournaments across the USA, where teams compete for various Championships. More on High School Rugby 7s to come!