What is Club & Social Rugby 7s?

At almost any Rugby 7s tournament, you will find a bracket for Club & Social Rugby 7s teams or you may just find tournaments that focus on Club & Social sides only. There are more Rugby 7s Club & Social tournaments out there, than anything else. Most of these teams are either competing at a lower level division from the National Club 7s or just a group of guys that want to go out there and have some fun. There are various names associated with Club & Social Rugby 7s depending on how the Tournament host labels the brackets. Below, you will see a few different mentions:

  • OPEN Rugby 7s– Traditionally, these will be your teams that are competing at a division below the National Club 7s that is focused more so on an area based Championship.  For example, in the North East they have the “Empire Series”. The Empire series is a Rugby 7s series designed to only crown an area based Champion. Teams will go to qualifying tournaments where they gain points based upon their tournament results. At the end of the Series, the team with the most points are crowned Empire Series Champions. These players are not to be taken lightly though. There are many players in “OPEN” bracket tournaments that are good enough to be playing in the National Club 7s.  That said, at tournaments where no National Club bracket is attending, you may find the most competitive bracket labeled as “OPEN” and/or “PREMIER”.

  • SOCIAL Rugby 7s– Traditionally, you may see three different types of teams in this bracket:1. Club teams that focus more on “Rugby 15s” and just play “7s” for fun

    2. An Organization such as FDNY, NYPD or Club Alumni teams and;

    3. Just a group of guys or girls that put together a team to go play

    That said, you can still find some pretty talented players here and there in these brackets

  • SUPER SOCIAL RUGBY 7s– Traditionally, you will find your slower, bigger and/or inexperienced Rugby 7s games here. Most of the players are either older and just want to go have some fun for a day and/or current players that are more built more for Rugby 15s and/or players that are still learning the game.


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