What is Rugby 7s?

Rugby 7s is one of the most fastest games in the world, both time wise and the speed of the game in general. Although each half is only 7 minutes, you can find the men and women across the world sprinting, tackling, side stepping, chasing down kicks and giving every ounce of energy they have to finish the game.

It is a game of little error. With a full field, and only 7 players on each side, there is tons of space to run through the defense and score lots of points. The endurance, speed and fight to pour everything you have out on the field is a must in Rugby 7s if you expect to be competitive.

There are no “one man” teams in Rugby 7s. If you can imagine playing 1 vs 7 in a pick up basketball game, on a full size field, that is the chances you have if you expect to win the game on your own. It’s a team sport, but the word “team”, goes so much deeper than what we’re all used to hearing. It is a team of 7 guys acting as 1. The size of the field challenges teams to become even closer with each other on and off the field.

Defensively, the guys are a moving wall. The first sign of a split in the wall, and the opposing team is off to the races for another score. Offensively, the guys are spaced out, ready to run, moving the ball around and attempting to mesh with their teammates to move the ball forward and score a try!

Rugby 7s is an absolute beauty of a game that is never over, until the final whistle blows. In just 30 seconds, the whole momentum of the game can change. It is a game where any team can win. All it takes is for the ball to bounce a couple different ways,  and you never know what can happen. The excitement it brings knowing the game can rarely be predicted is not like any other sports.

 Check out why Players and Coach’s Love Rugby 7s here:

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