Where Can I Play?

You can search for a team to play for here.


What You Should Know Before You Search For A Team:

The first question you have to ask yourself is “How competitive do I want to be?”.  You can check out each Rugby division on our home page menu to determine where you feel fit. Once you find that out, take note of the following:

  • Rugby 7s is not played by every Rugby Team Organization. Some teams only play Traditional Rugby which is 15 guys to a team. Traditional Rugby or “Rugby 15s” is a much slower paced game. However, many organizations out there play both Rugby 7s and Rugby 15s.  If you are only interested in Rugby 7s, don’t count out Rugby 15s. You can learn about the game and prepare yourself with Rugby 15s as you wait for your opportunity to play more Rugby 7s.

  • Rugby 7s is traditionally played in the summer months of the year. However, Rugby 7s is continuing to grow and you will find sporadic tournaments at any time of the year. Continue to check out our Main Page to find out when tournaments are.


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